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PIP (Personal Injury Protection) Insurance

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PIP, or personal injury protection insurance, can cover your medical bills, including chiropractic services and other related expenses incurred if you meet with an auto accident. This is especially true in Minnesota, which is a no-fault state.

PIP insurance is mandatory in Minnesota, covering all of your expenses incurred due to injuries from a car accident, irrespective of who is at fault. Falling under the broad meaning of auto insurance, personal injury protection insurance also covers any loss of wages resulting from a car accident.

You can get PIP insurance even when you do not own a car. If you were a passenger or driving someone else’s car at the time of the accident, you can get personal injury protection coverage from the car owner’s insurance even if you do not have your own.

You could get PIP coverage even if you were walking or cycling on the road at the time of the accident.

What Is Covered Under PIP Insurance?

Personal injury protection insurance covers the policyholder, all family members of the same household, passengers in the policyholder’s car, and others driving the policyholder’s vehicle with permission.

You can get PIP insurance coverage even when you do not own a car or get hit by a car while walking or riding a bike.

PIP insurance coverage includes:

  • Medical expenses: Your PIP insurance can pay for medical costs like hospitalization charges, ambulance, medications, dental and eye care, prosthetic and nursing services, and chiropractic care.
  • Loss of wages: Where you or a passenger in your car suffers from loss of wages because of car accident injuries, PIP can cover some of the lost income;
  • Other services: Where, because of the injuries suffered, you cannot perform certain services like childcare and other household chores, personal injury protection insurance can cover some of those expenses;
  • Funeral expenses: PIP insurance can cover funeral expenses where the car accident caused death.

What Does PIP Insurance NOT Cover?

Your PIP insurance will not cover any compensation for the pain and Injuries suffered by the policyholder or the other driver involved in the accident. It will also not cover any damages to your car or other property.

PIP Coverage After An Auto Accident In Minnesota

Minnesota is a no-fault state, and all drivers must get PIP insurance coverage. If you have suffered injuries from an auto accident in Minnesota, your PIP insurance shall cover all medical and other related expenses arising from the accident up to the limit of $40,000 per accident per person. The amount includes $20,000 for medical costs and $20,000 for expenses relating to non-medical services like loss of wages.

You can stack your PIP insurance in Minnesota if you own more than one vehicle. Even though stacking your PIP policies can slightly increase your no-fault insurance premiums, it allows you to benefit from the sum total of the insurance coverage while driving any of the vehicles covered.

For instance, if you have stacked minimum coverage of two vehicles in the policy, you are entitled to a total of $80,000($40,000 for medical and another $40,000 for non-medical expenses) per person per accident.

PIP Insurance Coverage For Medical Expenses:

PIP covers all the reasonable expenses necessary to treat any injuries you have sustained in a car accident. With no-fault insurance coverage, you can seek and get paid for medical care without reaching a settlement with the other driver.

Medical expenses may include:

  • Medication
  • Surgery
  • Hospitalization and extended stays
  • Chiropractic visits
  • Massage therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Medical-related transportation costs for trips to chiropractors and doctors
  • Lab tests and X-rays
  • Ambulance service
  • Rehab and prosthetic services
  • Prescriptions 

PIP Insurance Coverage For Non-Medical Expenses:

Your PIP insurance coverage will also include:

Loss of income benefits like

  • Loss of wages: a maximum of 85% of gross pay up to $500 per week
  • Household replacement services: includes unpaid household work like housekeeping, purchasing groceries, etc., up to $200 per week receivable seven days after the accident

To obtain insurance coverage, you need to get a statement from a physician confirming that you are unable to perform the work due to car accident-related injuries.

Death benefits: Where someone covered by the PIP insurance dies in an accident, funeral expenses up to $ 5000 are provided. The dependants of the deceased policyholder can receive $500 per week as loss of income benefits and replacement service coverage up to $200 per week.

With no-fault insurance coverage, you can immediately apply for funds from your insurer without reaching a settlement or prevailing in a lawsuit over the other driver.

Finally, like all insurance policies, the specific coverage details of the PIP policy would depend on your personal plan.

Is Chiropractic Treatment Covered With PIP?

If you have suffered injuries from an auto accident, your primary concern may be who would pay for the expenses. If you live in a state where PIP insurance is optional, your private insurance company can cover medical costs like medications, hospital stays, chiropractic care, and other costs for treating the injuries.

Where the auto accident happened because of the other driver's negligence, they or their insurance company can be made liable to reimburse your medical expenses.

If you are in a state offering no-fault insurance coverage, you can get reimbursement of the medical and non-medical expenses resulting from the accident to the extent of the threshold mentioned in the individual state laws.

Even though car accidents can be a traumatic experience requiring immediate care, most symptoms may not become visible until months or even years following the accident.

Symptoms from car accident injuries like whiplash, fractures, and spine injuries can take days and weeks to become apparent.

However, an experienced and licensed chiropractor can use sophisticated scanning tools and lab tests to determine the extent of car accident injuries even before the symptoms start showing themselves.

They can use spinal manipulations, acupuncture, and other massage techniques to relieve pain and discomfort, reduce inflammation and scarring and help restore the range of motion, allowing your body to heal.

A chiropractor service specializing in accident care can also help you in completing the tedious and often confusing paperwork required to get the maximum PIP insurance claim and help reduce your financial burden.

How much coverage can I receive for chiropractic care?

The amount of coverage you can expect for receiving treatment from chiropractic care will depend on your insurance provider or the PIP insurance threshold as determined by your state.

Minnesota is a no-fault state where all drivers are required compulsorily to get PIP insurance coverage. If you get injured in an auto accident in Minnesota, you can get a minimum of $40,000 from your insurance provider. The amounts include $20,000 for medical and another $20,000 for non-medical expenses.

Also, if you own more than one car in Minnesota, you can stack up the PIP insurance for all the cars, increasing your coverage limit. Suppose you have two cars, and you have got no-fault insurance coverage of a minimum of $40,000 for each car. You can combine the minimum amounts and get insurance coverage amounting to $80,000 per person per accident.

In order to get the maximum possible coverage for your medical and chiropractic care services, you need to maintain complete documentation of the injury symptoms, the nature and extent of the chiropractic care received, and details of the expenses incurred towards the treatment.

To get high-quality professional care while getting the maximum PIP coverage, you need to work with a chiropractic care service that specializes in accident care.

Other than providing a customized treatment that would help you heal completely, an experienced chiropractic specialist would also assist you in maintaining the paperwork required to get the maximum claim from the insurance provider.

Minnesota No Fault Insurance

There are limitations when a driver in Minnesota can file a suit against another driver who is at fault in a car accident. No fault insurance laws are designed to ensure that you get compensated for the medical and non-medical expenses regarding a car accident without getting into litigation with the other driver.

However, an accident victim can bring suits against the at-fault driver where the accident expense is more than $4000 or where the victim has suffered 60 days of disability or permanent injury.

With PIP insurance coverage in a no-fault state like Minnesota, you can have your expenses from an auto collision covered regardless of whose fault it was.

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Other than providing a specialized treatment plan that helps you recover quickly, our specialized staff in St Paul, MN, can assist you with the paperwork required to process your car insurance claims to get the maximum coverage possible.

With the specialized staff at Accident Care Chiropractic, Minnesota, helping you with the paperwork required in an insurance claim procedure, you can concentrate on your recovery process and get back on your feet in no time.

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