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How Chiropractic Care Can Help Alleviate Tailbone Injuries

Published: January 24, 2024

Understanding the Tailbone Anatomy

The tailbone, also known as the coccyx, is the small, triangular bone at the base of the spine. Composed of three to five fused vertebrae, the coccyx plays a crucial role in supporting the body in a seated position. Despite its small size, the tailbone can be susceptible to injury due to its location and the forces it experiences during activities such as sitting, standing, and moving.

Common Causes of Tailbone Injuries

Tailbone injuries, also known as coccydynia, can result from various factors. One common cause is trauma , in St. Paul with the icy time is a fall directly onto the tailbone or prolonged sitting on a hard surface. Childbirth is another potential cause, as the coccyx may be subjected to pressure during delivery. In some cases, degenerative conditions or infections can contribute to tailbone pain.

Symptoms of Tailbone Injuries

Individuals with tailbone injuries may experience symptoms such as localized pain, tenderness, and discomfort. The pain can be exacerbated by sitting, standing up from a seated position, or engaging in activities that put pressure on the tailbone. Understanding the symptoms is crucial in seeking timely and appropriate care.

Chiropractic Care Approach

Chiropractors are healthcare professionals who specialize in the musculoskeletal system, including the spine and its associated structures. When it comes to tailbone injuries, chiropractic care offers a holistic approach to address the underlying causes of pain and discomfort. At Accident Chiropractic Care and Massage in St. Paul, the focus is on providing comprehensive care to individuals who have sustained tailbone injuries. Here's how chiropractic care can help:

Spinal Adjustment:

  • Chiropractors at Accident Chiropractic Care and Massage employ spinal adjustments, also known as spinal manipulation, to realign the spine and pelvis. Misalignments in the spine can contribute to tailbone pain, and chiropractic adjustments aim to restore proper alignment, reducing pressure on the coccyx.

Soft Tissue Manipulation:

  • Soft tissues surrounding the tailbone, such as muscles and ligaments, play a significant role in supporting the area. Chiropractors use various techniques, including massage and stretching, to release tension in these soft tissues. This can alleviate pain and improve flexibility in the affected region.

Postural Advice:

  • Poor posture can contribute to tailbone injuries and exacerbate existing pain. At Accident Chiropractic Care and Massage we provide guidance on proper posture during daily activities, including sitting and standing. Simple adjustments to posture can significantly reduce stress on the tailbone.

Exercise and Rehabilitation:

  • Tailbone injuries may benefit from targeted exercises and rehabilitation. Chiropractors design personalized exercise programs to strengthen the muscles supporting the tailbone, promoting stability and preventing future injuries.

Educational Support:

  • Accident Chiropractic Care and Massage educates our patients on lifestyle modifications that can contribute to tailbone injury recovery. This may include recommendations for ergonomic seating, avoiding prolonged sitting, and incorporating movement into daily routines.

Case Studies and Patient Experiences

Several case studies and patient testimonials from Accident Chiropractic Care and Massage highlight the positive impact of chiropractic care on tailbone injuries. Patients often report reduced pain, improved mobility, and a better overall quality of life after undergoing chiropractic treatment for coccydynia.

One case study involved a patient who experienced chronic tailbone pain following a fall. Through a combination of spinal adjustments, soft tissue manipulation, and targeted exercises at Accident Chiropractic Care and Massage, the patient achieved significant pain relief and regained the ability to engage in daily activities without discomfort.


We here offer a holistic and non-invasive approach to managing and treating tailbone injuries. By addressing the root causes of pain and discomfort, chiropractors empower individuals to achieve long-term relief and improved quality of life. At Accident Chiropractic Care and Massage in St. Paul, we determine the most suitable treatment plan for their specific situation that suits the patient.

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