I Feel Fine After My Accident, Why Should I Still Get an Appointment?

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If you get into a car accident, you could come out of the accident feeling uninjured. Cars are designed to absorb impact and protect their drivers, so even in some instances where you car is totaled, you may feel fine. 

In situations like this, people often feel like there’s no need to schedule an appointment with a chiropractor. You might question: chiropractors treat injuries and trauma, so what’s the point in going in if you feel fine?

This is never a good idea, for a number of reasons. If you get in a car accident, you should always schedule an appointment with your local chiropractor as soon as possible. This allows the chiropractor to diagnose any hidden problems, treat problems early on, and record any injuries for your insurance. In some cases, you might not feel the repercussions of the injury until days, weeks, or even months later.

Below, we’ll go over in more detail why you should still get an appointment, even if you feel fine after a car accident.

Why Should I See a Chiropractor After My Accident?

You may develop symptoms of untreated auto accident injuries hours, days, weeks, and even months following a car accident. 

What Symptoms Can Develop After A Car Accident?

  • Headaches: Headaches and migraines can develop from physical or emotional trauma after a car accident. If you suffer from headaches after a car accident, don’t ignore them; they could be serious. Your best option is to treat it early on.
  • Neck pain: Chronic neck pain is extremely common after a car accident. Car accidents can cause trauma to the muscles in your neck and even cause misalignment in the vertebrae along your neck.
  • Numbness and tingling: Numbness and tingling may seem like a mild problem, but it can indicate a more serious problem, like nerve damage. If you suffer from numbness and tingling, seek chiropractic assistance immediately.
  • Shoulder pain: It’s easy to forget how much we rely on our shoulders until we have shoulder pain. Shoulder pain can make even the most mundane household or work tasks difficult.
  • Whiplash: As well as chronic neck pain and stiffness, untreated whiplash can even lead to vertebrae misalignment or other back issues.
  • Back pain: Back pain is very common after a car accident, and in general. Chiropractors are experts at treating back pain, and if you suffered from back pain before your car accident, you may very well feel even better than you did before after chiropractic treatment.
  •  Chest pain: Chest pain after a car accident could be due to bruising or trauma sustained by your muscles. Chest pain can also be a signal of a worse problem, as well, so make sure to seek medical attention immediately if you suffer from chest pain.
  • Emotional distress: Emotional distress is lesser-known, but still a very common consequence of a car accident. Not only can car accidents physically injure you, but they can emotionally injure you too. Whether it’s from the fear and emotional trauma of a car accident, you’re not alone if you experience emotional distress. Furthermore, if your body sustains any injuries, this can often worsen emotional distress.
Whether these symptoms are mild or severe, the best hope you have for effective treatment is chiropractic care. 

Dangers of Untreated Auto Accident Injuries

Like most other injuries, serious side effects can occur when injuries from car accidents are left untreated. For example, while you may feel fine the same day as the accident or even days after, as time goes on the injuries may start to become more apparent. You may have stiff muscles or joints and lose motion as the injuries become more manifest. 

Oftentimes, injuries do not appear right away. Waiting to treat them until they start to flare up will make them more difficult to treat. However, if you go soon after the accident while you don’t have any noticeable symptoms, an experienced chiropractor will be able to diagnose the injury before you start feeling it. 

Then, they can start chiropractor treatment immediately, which will reduce treatment time and symptoms. Whereas auto accidents that are left untreated can get much worse and result in loss of movement and increased pain, early treatment will ensure that any injuries are dealt with before they have the chance to worsen.

Get Early Chiropractor Treatment for Insurance Coverage

Another reason to schedule a chiropractic appointment after an accident, even if you feel uninjured, is that if you wait until you start to feel your injuries, it could be too late for insurance coverage. 

Chiropractic care should be covered by your insurance provider. However, if you wait too long, your insurance company could claim that your injuries aren’t related to the accident. Therefore, regardless of how you’re feeling after an accident, schedule an appointment with a chiropractor as soon as you can to make sure that you recover quickly, treat any auto injury problems before they get worse, and are completely covered by insurance. Your chiropractor will also be able to provide a detailed diagnosis and treatment plan and provide it to your insurance company for you.

What more, if you plan on filing a claim for a settlement, the records of your diagnosis and treatment plan will prove to be extremely valuable for your case. It will help your lawyers to prove any injury to your body and emotional distress and include your treatment plan along with any loss of wages. 

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